My activity at the Foundation Fugitive Work of the Netherlands

Following the example of a neighbour woman, who took charge of a Syrian family, i have applied for volunteer work at this foundation, as the challenge appealed to me to help someone to learn the Dutch language and hence to struck root more easily in our country. After consultation with the coordinator of the language coaches within VluchtelingenWerk a match was made for me with a young man from Eritrea.

He is already in the Netherlands since early 2014 and came after a stay in a few different places to Rotterdam. He has finished the compulsory 600 hours of Dutch lessons within the first three years of his stay in our country. However he has to undergo five examinations with reasonable success in the subjects of reading, listening (understanding), speaking, writing and knowledge of the Dutch society. He obtained good results in two of them, but to struck root here he has to undergo examination at least four times in each subject, even if not passed with good result. This has to be done within five years at the latest, so he has less than two years to realise it.

We meet every week about two hours spending time on the laptop to do various practices in examinations. He wants to get as quick as possible a fixed job enabling him with the money earned that his left behind family could come over to the Netherlands. This inspires me enough to help him to achieve his dreams.
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