Life … does’nt it look like a puppet-show? Instructive amusement for young and old peoplepoppenspel
Picture of a recent appearance from our own garage at the van Hoytemalaan 2 in Rotterdam during the street play day on the 14th of June 2015.
Free appearances on request, if so wished I can take along my own puppet theatre at every location. No fees except a contribution in transportation costs and instead of fees please donate to the Eye Care Foundation in Amsterdam. Coaches are Joanne Oussoren, managing director of the Dreamtheatre Foundation (www.droomtheater.com) and Frans Hakkemars, councillor NVP-Unima (www.franshakkemars.nl).

poppenspel_2List of possible plays, written by me (to be noted: the “dutch” Jan Klaassen can be compared to the English “Mr. Punch” and his “wife” Katrijn to the English “Judy”):

  • Legend of the Woman of Stavoren (old dutch myth)
  • Jan Klaassen’s birthday
  • Jan Klaassen and the golden chain
  • Jan Klaassen and the laughing bomb
  • Jan Klaassen wins the lotto
  • Jan Klaassen and his dream
  • The dog of Jan Klaassen
  • Jan Klaassen goes camping!
On the occasion of a childbook presentation at library Ver Van Hier in Rotterdam (address Kleiweg 69) on wednesday the 28th of October 2015 the play Jan Klaassen and his dream has been performed, the children enjoyed themselves!
20151028_161355_resized    20151028_161012
On the 15th of June “The dream of Jan Klaassen” was played, again during street play day of the year, in our garage at the Van Hoytemalaan. My coach and professional puppeteer Frans Hakkemars surveyed and gave a musical setting to enhance the play.
20160615_162717   20160615_164720   20160615_164032 

On Saturday the 17th of June 2017 the street play day was organised again in the van Hoytemalaan and neighbourhood, and puppetplay “Jan Klaassen’s dog” being appreciated by the public. In such a way that a few days later a father and his little daughter came at our door and asked the play to be reproduced to celebrate the 5th birthday of the child, as she missed almost everything of the play on the above day! It has been done on Saturday the 19th of August 2017, her birthday. Hereafter a few pictures of both events.



Photos above of the event on saturday the 17th of June 2017, photos hereunder of the one on saturday the 19th of August 2017. At both occasions Frans Hakkemars swas again kind enough to assist with his accordion.